Sunday, September 09, 2007

The World According to Water

I've recently gotten back from a wonderful trip to Finland and Russia, a new semester has started in the middle of a workers' strike at the U which has lead to all sorts of strife as well as political enthusiasm, I'm delving into some interesting readings about early media studies . . . all this could provide plenty of material for my first post in over a month.

Instead, I'll start with a much more modest piece of reportage: the writing on the bathroom wall (water pipe, actually) at Cahoots:

Humans were invented by water as a means to transport itself from place to place.

Reading this bathroom poet's inversion of human and inanimate nature seemed quite inspiring to me. Yet as I followed the arrow toward a penciled in reply to this statement, a respondent's comment diffused some of my awe:

Yeah, because clouds do this so poorly . . .


Wilhelm said...

Don't let the awe be diffused! It IS an inspiring statement - water moved by clouds and rivers and oceans are all determined by natural forces. water moving through a human body would be able to choose where it went.

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